I'm shygoo, a retro emulation and reverse engineering enthusiast. Links to my projects are below.
Nintendo 64 ROM-hacking tools
Project64 debugger
CPU and memory debugger for Project64 2.4
Project64 display list debugger
A branch of Project64 that includes a tool for graphics data exploration. Many parts are not properly implemented yet and it crashes often but it's useful for locating graphics data in N64 games.
ELF symbol identification tool for N64 RAM dumps
Web patcher
Web-based ROM patcher. Supports APS, BPS, IPS, MOD (Star Rod), PPF, and UPS. Partially supports VCDiff (xdelta).
Web swapper
Web-based byteswapper for N64 ROMs. Converts .n64/.v64 ROMs to the proper .z64 format.
A Super Mario 64 runtime memory editor I made in 2014 when the SM64 hacking scene was still maturing.
Superseded by
Web-based map & model viewer for Road Rash 64
Reverse-engineering notes and primitive hacking tools for Yoshi's Story
Reverse-engineering notes and a basic web-based model viewer for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Superseded by
Reverse-engineering notes and a web-based level viewer for Mario Kart 64.

Superseded by
Dialog replacement utilities for Paper Mario
Basic C code injection demo for Super Mario 64. This is mostly superseded by the SM64 decompilation project, but it can be adapted for other games.
Hack64 Rom of the Month contributions
Web-based level viewer and asset extractor for Extreme-G
Stunt Racer 64
Web-based level viewer and asset extractor for Stunt Racer 64
Hybrid Heaven
Asset extractor for Hybrid Heaven
Micromachines 64 Turbo
Asset extractor for Micromachines 64 Turbo
Bomberman Hero
Asset extractor for Bomberman Hero
Yoshi's Story SMB 1-1
The first ever custom level for Yoshi's Story
Terminal Mario 64
Dramatically increases the difficulty of Super Mario 64 by making Mario terminally ill.
You also lose all of your stars when you die.
SM64 Sound Test
Basic sound tester patch for Super Mario 64
SM64 More Letters Patch
Restores the missing HUD letters
Kirby 64 analog stick hack
Enables use of the analog stick
A basic web-based NES emulator/debugger.
Another basic NES emulator in Java. It comes with a plugin API for cheats and ROM hacking. I am not liable for hearing loss caused by the poor audio emulation.

N64 ROM hacking forum
N64 Uncompiled
Uncompiled source code and miscellaneous development material leftover in N64 ROMs
A dumb edit I made to Project64 that emulates the effects of cartridge tilting.

Source code is available here.